Price County

1.)New Dells Lumber Company. New Dells operated a small line extending north from the CSPM&O Park Falls branch at Kennedy. (about 1 mile east of the Sawyer county line) Operations began in 1910, and they ended in 1915. Rail and equipment were then transfered to Delco to be used on the Delco & Northern Railroad (see Sawyer County page)

2.)Park Falls Lumber Company. This line was based out of Park Falls and ran into southern Iron County. (see Iron County page for details)

3.)J.R. Davis Lumber Company. From 1890 until 1900 this company operated a small line that ran northeasterly from a connection with the WC at Coolidge. (about 7 miles south of Park Falls) Logs were hauled south on the WC to Davis' mill at Phillips.

4.)West Lumber Company. This company was based at a town called Lugerville. Today it is a ghost town, but its location was about 10 miles south south east of Park Falls. The WC had a spur branching off its main line that reached this town. Operations of this railroad were much intertwined with those of the Lake Shore & Eastern which will be the next railroad profiled. In 1905 logging railroad operations were begun by the Luger Lumber Company. In 1910 Luger was bought out by the J.R. Davis Lumber Company of Phillips. Davis bought the Luger mill when his mill in Phillips burned down. At this time logs were hauled to the mill not only from this railroad operation but also off of the Lake Shore & Eastern at Phillips which Davis also owned. In 1912 J.R. Davis sold out to the Kneeland-McLurg Lumber Company. Operations remained the same until 1914 when Kneeland-McLurg rebuilt the saw mill at Phillips. In that year the mill and railroad at Lugerville were reorganized as the Kneeland-West Lumber Company. This lasted until 1915 when the company was renamed the West Lumber Company. West Lumber Company remained in operation until Jan 1,1936. At its peak this railroad extended west from Lugerville into eastern Sawyer County. West Lumber and its predecessors operated the SOO spur track from Lugerville to the main. This was common carrier trackage, subjecting the lumber companies that operated it to periodic equipment inspections by the state railroad commission. At one time mixed train service to Lugerville was offered.

5.)Kneeland-Mc Lurg Lumber Co. J.R. Davis Lumber Company began building this line in an easterly direction from Phillips in 1888. He incorporated it as a common carrier railroad and called it the Lake Shore & Eastern. Passenger service was offered in the caboose of the log trains. Only the portion fo the line from Phillips east to Elk Jct. was considered common carrie trackage. Davis' mill in Phillips burned in 1910 logs were then hauled to the former Luger mill in Lugerville. (see West Lumber Co above for details of this operation.) In 1912 J.R.Davis was bought out by the Kneeland-McLurg Lumber Company. The railroad was no longer called the Lake Shore & Eastern after this time and was refered to in official documents only by the lumber company name. The mill in Phillips was rebuilt in 1914. In the early 20's Kneeland-Mc Lurg extended its line into eastern Oneida County. Here it connected up with the logging railroad of the Mohr Lumber Company. This created an all rail route between the WC at Phillips and the Milwaukee Wisconsin Valley Division just south of Hazelhurst. Mohr and Kneeland-McLurg built a large entanglement of spurs in the far east central part of the county. Operations on this line slowed considerably after the lumber comnpany began receiving logs off of its new railroad located at Morse in Ashland County (see Ashland County page) coming nearly to a halt by 1926. The railroad lasted as a common carrier, very infrequently used, up until 1932.

6.)Mohr Lumber Company (see Oneida County page)

7.)Jump River Lumber Company. Operations began on this line running southeast from Prentice in 1899 and ended about 1904.

8.)Bissell Lumber Company. Some spurs in the far eastern portion of this county were operated by Bissell Lumber Company of Tripoli and its predecessor H.H. Stolle Lumber Company. (see Oneida County page for details.)