Oconto County

1.) Holt Lumber Company. From 1903 until 1934 Holt operated trains in various blocks of timber located in the northern third of the county. Operations were initially centered about Townsend. Several spurs were built east from here eventually reaching into the far southeast corner of Forest Co. These lines connected with the C&NW at Bennett's Spur about 1 mile north of Townsend. In 1909 Holt built what was called the Thunder River Railroad. It connected with the C&NW Lakewood Spur about 2 miles east of that station. This line ran easterly into the Thunder River basin, and also to the Crooked Lake and Waupee Flowage area. Service on the Thunder River RR ended about 1927. At the same time as the Thunder River operations Holt operated what was called Wheeler Spur which ran a few miles south from Townsend. There was also a small spur connecting with the C&NW about 2 miles south of Lakewood. In 1930 Holt operated off of the main line of the C&NW Lindquist Line. (Connected with the main at Bonita and ran west into the southeast portion of Langlade Co.) Final operations lasting until 1934 were off of the C&NW Flanders Spur which ran southwest from a connection with the C&NW main about half a mile south of the Forest County line. Holt's own track off of Flanders Spur extended west into the northeast corner of Langlade County. Holt also operated railroads in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan until 1938.

2.) Oconto Co. This company had two major operations based in this county. One was connected to the C&NW Lindquist Line (see Langlade Co for details) and one connected with the C&NW at Flanders Spur about half a mile south of the Forest Co line. This operation was also primarily in Langlade Co and details of it are covered in that page. Oconto also had several minor operations in the area. In the far northwestern part of the county were some tracks of the former Miner Brothers operation purchased by Oconto in 1920. (see Forest Co page) In the 10's there was an operation that ran north from a connection with the C&NW Lakewood Spur into the John and Wheeler Lakes area. Oconto had a small spur that connected with the C&NW a mile or so north of Mountain. A large spur, callled Bateman's Spur ran westerly off of the C&NW main connecting about 5 miles south of Lakewood. There was another small spur connecting with the CNW about 1 mile south of Lakewood. Oconto's final rail operations were in 1941.