Menominee County

1.)Menominee Indian Mills. The Menominee Indian Mills at Neopit began railroad logging in about 1911. The main line extended north from Neopit almost parallel to the SOO Line track. MIM's line was a few miles to the east of SOO's. SOO predecesor Wisconsin & Northern constructed in 1908, and '09 a branch that ran northwest from Neopit to Western Siding about a mile east of Phlox. The line was always refered to as the Phlox branch. SOO abandoned the Phlox branch in 1927. Menominee Indian Mills operated it as part of their logging railroad up until 1931. This branch was always important to MIM's operations. The W&N and its successor SOO Line charged Menominee a flat rate of $5 per car to haul logs from on it to Neopit. Final abandonment of Menominee's operations on its own line were in 1936. The railroad was abandoned because Menominee Indian Mills changed over to selective cutting of trees and found that the railroad wasn't flexible enough to use with this logging method.