Iron County

Many of Iron County's logging railroads were headquartered in Ashland County. See the Ashland County page for the following: 1.)John Schroeder Lumber Company 2.)Foster-Latimer Lumber Company 3.)Kneeland-McLurg Lumber Company 4.)Dells & Northeastern Railroad 5.)Glidden & Northeastern Railroad 6.)Roddis Lumber & Veneer Company

Outside of these Iron county had one or two major operations and several small ones.

7.)Gurney Lumber Company. The headquarters of this line was at Gurney on the DSS&A a couple of miles east of the Ashland County line. The railroad connected with the DSS&A almost at the county line and ran eastward for about 3 miles. It operated between 1912 and 1918.

8.)Joseph Defer Lumber Company. This company was located at Saxon. Its railroad consisted of about a 2 mile spur connecting with the C&NW main about 2.5 miles east of town. It operated between 1913 and 1918.

9.)Kimball & Clark Lumber Company. This line connected with the C&NW at Kimball. (about half way in between Hurley & Saxon) It ran south from the C&NW for about 4 miles. Operations were begun in about 1910 and ended in 1919.

10.)Scott & Howe Lumber Company. This company was based in Ironwood Michigan. Its line ran between the years of 1920 and 1936. The track ran south from Ironwood into Wisconsin and covered much of the east central area of the county south of Gile Flowage.

11.)Mosinee Paper Company. Underwood Veneer of Wausau constructed this line in 1933. It ran east from a connection with the C&NW about 2 miles in the State of Wisconsin and had extensive track in Gogebic County Michigan. The line passed into Mosinee Paper's Control in 1937. From 1932 until 1937 Mosinee had a mile long spur about a mile north of this railroad. Mosinee discontinued operations in 1947. The main lines of this railroad in Gogebic County are today Underwood Grade Road and Mosinee Grade Road. A few of Underhill's spurs extended south into Iron County again.

12.)Daley & O'Day This line ran southwest for about 4 miles from Mercer. It ran in between 1901 and 1908. Daley was accidentaly killed ending the life of the company.

13.)Brooks & Ross Lumber Company. This company contracted with the C&NW to haul logs from its line in the northeastern part of the county to its mill in Schofield. B&R may have put together some of its trains as it was known to have owned at least one locomotive. C&NW did all of the linehaul work, however. The line was called Shea's Spur by the C&NW and connected to the Presque Isle branch about half way between Mercer and the Vilas County line. Operations were between 1926 and 1936.

14.)Flambeau Lumber Company see Vilas County page.

15.)Park Falls Lumber Company. This line was originally constructed southwest from Park Falls in about 1890 by the Henry Sherry Lumber Company. In 1898 it passed to the Flambeau Paper Co. In 1908 Flambeau Paper sold out to the Atwood Lumber & Manufacturing Co. About a year later construction began in an easterly direction. Atwood was affilliated with the Weyerhauser Lumber Company, and was Weyerhauser's last operation in the state. Park Falls Lumber Co., a Edward Hines owned company took over the line in 1913 and continued building east and northeast into South Central Iron County. The railroad had considerable mileage in the Turtle Flambeau Flowage area. Operations ended in about 1920. Rails and equipment from this operation were re-used by Park Falls Lumber on the Superior & Southeastern based out of Loretta, (see Ashland,Sawyer, and Bayfield South pages for S&SE) except one Lima Shay which today supposedly rests at the bottom of Blockhouse Lake.

16.)C.C. Collins Lumber Co. This company logged from about 1910 until about 1925. Operations were centered about Pine Lake. The C&NW built a spur along the east side of Pine Lake. Another spur left this line and ran easterly to Lake Evelyn. There were several other spurs off of the Northwestern at Sand Rock,Carson and so forth. The C&NW provided train service on these lines and ran a train from them to Collin's mill in Rhinelander. The train was referred to by the C&NW as the Rhinelander Log Run.